Program Management App - 1

2022-07-02 2 min read

My idea here is that I need an application to help manage some of the fundamental details of number of projects at the same time. This includes a program of projects as well as simply a number of small, medium or large projects.

Here’s the problem I want to solve:

As a project or program manager, it takes me time and effort to manually collect together information that is needs to be communicated to both stakeholders and company management alike, and is vital to the management of a program or project. On consulting projects, we have timesheets, and we have rate cards (a collection of names, roles and costs per hour). The need to be able to communicate to management and the client information such as:

  1. What is the budget of a project?
  2. What is the current amount of budget used to date?
  3. What is the current forecast for budgets to be used in a given forecast period?
  4. What is the rate card for a particular project or program?
  5. What is the specific hourly rate, project role, organisation, title of a particular resource on a project?
  6. What milestones exist for a particular program or project? What are their start/end dates and who is accountable for them?
  7. What is the number of hours used against a particular project by resource or in total (over time)?
  8. What are the key risks of a particular project or program?
  9. What is the overall status of a program or project (including budget actuals, budget forecast, key risks, milestones and their deliverables status and start/end dates)?