Macos Development Status

2022-10-18 2 min read

After doing 59 days of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge, and privately playing around with my own experimental MacOS Apps in the background, I came to the conclusion that though I have much to learn in the way of how to develop MacOS applications using SwiftUI, I really hate Core Data, I mean really! After investigating the alternatives I settled upon, which has a wonderfully simple API for managing your data, far simpler than Core Data. It even includes the ability to migrate your data model, or even delete it completely and reset, should you need to. I’m currently trying to ensure I keep developing on MacOS applications each day, currently working on a project management related application that suits my own needs as a Project and Program Manager almost entirely (and selfishly I might add). I’m much happier and more productive with the current process, and being freed of constantly going back to following the 100 Days of SwiftUI has allowed me to learn by running into problems and challenges in my day to day development, while also consuming various books and articles in the background. My goal is to develop a robust, functional and usable application that fits my needs for day to day project and program management, my other goal is to simply maintain a practise of developing on MacOS with SwiftUI each day. Keep practising and keep getting better at it and gaining more experience.