Day 5 Complete

2022-07-01 1 min read

Today I completed day 5 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge.

Day 5 was all about conditionals: if statements, multiple conditionals (if/else if/else), switch statements and terniary conditional operators. All good information and a nice reminder for me.

I’ve especially enjoyed doing the tests that are included in the content. I’ve found that my habit of wanting to rush through everything (lack of patience) works as an opposing force to my desire to get things right. The rushing has historically won that battle. While working on the some of the conditional tests, I found that if I just took my time and concentrated on reading the code thoroughly I was able to get them right, but when I rushed and made assumptions I didn’t. I guess part of the issue is just being able to accept that your brain (or comprehension speed) only works at certain speeds and you either accept that fact and succeed or rush things and fail a lot (and get frustrated). Know thyself.