Day 43 Complete

2022-08-14 1 min read

I’m slowly working through project 9 in a fairly haphazard way, which is a four part technique project that focuses on path and shape, used for drawing on the screen. Day 43 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI covers the initial details of how path and shape work. Path is fundamental to drawing lines on the screen to form shapes, but shape allows you to place those lines anywhere on the screen, instead of having to specify a precise location each time. Shape, in a way, abstracts the shape and graphical element out of your path and lets you put it wherever you want.

I struggle a little with the ‘why’ behind learning some of the details of this topic. It’s not the main thing I’m interested in, but i’m trying my best to work through it anyway. Family and personal stress are also playing a big part in hampering my progress and making it difficult for me to keep my habit going as well as I have in the past.