Day 42 Complete

2022-08-10 2 min read

I have finally completed day 42 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge. Honestly, the hold-up in completing it was just life and stress in life. But now that todays has been a day off to deal with some of the stressful situations, tonight I’ve been able to finalise the last challenge in project 8, part 4, which was made slightly difficult because in SwiftUI, a ScrollView cannot have a List inside of it that is full screen. I mean literally I did the work, of putting the list in, with the toolbar button to switch between the GridLayout and the ListLayout, and ran the app only to discover that the listlayout was completely blank. I tried playing around with making a List using GridItem but it looked ugly and I couldn’t figure out how to make the content stretch to look like a normal list (edge to edge). So in the end I used a GeometryReader and a frame to just reduce the size of the List slightly and hey presto it worked. I definitely needed the tips for this challenge though, I looked at my sad ugly list and tried a few background views in different places and just couldn’t figure out where it needed to go, finally after glancing at the tips I read that the listStyle and listRowBackground were the thing to use.

I still struggle mentally with the thought that “I would never have discovered that”, it’s a distracting and confidence sapping thought that cuts into my confidence a lot. I’m really just trying to push through it and treat everything I learn read and use as a learning experience and something to be remembered for the next time I have that kind of problem to solve. That’s the best I can do.