Day 40 Complete

2022-08-06 1 min read

So, Day 40 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI has taken me two days to complete, and honestly, there’s not that much to do, I’ve just been busy.

Today is part 2 of project 8, where we start development of the Moonshot app. It’s an informative app, that has some more complex elements and techniques to it. While I’ve found the app and information informative and enriching, it’s also quite daunting as there’s many new complex techniques on show here and as usual, my mind always goes to the question of “how would one discover such techniques if I wasn’t being told taught it in this lesson?”. Unfortunately with Apple development technologies, there are some things that are just difficult to discover. And when I compare it to other technologies like Golang, the community doesn’t blog and share even half as much. Maybe it’s the commercial imperiative associated with these technologies? I don’t know, but the lack of a broader open source community around the frameworks does mean that there’s a dependency around the corportion that supports it. Even if the language of Swift (like Golang) is open source, many Apple frameworks are not, nor are they cross-platform.