Day 36 Complete

2022-08-01 1 min read

Day 36 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge is part 1 of project 7 and is a lesson to teach new skills in preparation for the app build tomorrow, part 2. The app this lesson covers is called iExpense, and is an expense calculator and register.

Today teaches a number of new skills and covers a number of topics such as:

  • Using classes for data and using StateObject instead of State for classes.
  • Using the @Published decorator on the other end of StateObject to help notify of changes to data.
  • Adding the “ObservableObject” protocol to your classes.
  • Showing and hiding views and sheets.
  • Deleting items with onDelete() and editing items with the EditButton().
  • Storing and accessing small amounts of data in UserDefaults and @AppStorage.
  • Using Codable with structs and UserDefaults to store and archive more complex data types (JSON).

No new work on the multiplication app from yesterday, maybe more time in a couple of days time.