Day 30 Complete

2022-07-26 1 min read

Today I completed Day 30 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge. Today was project 5, part 2 of the WordScramble app build. This app is apparently the last of the ’easy’ app builds.

The WordScramble app is simple enough, it’s a game that presents you with an eight character word, that you then pick other words out of. It uses the list and a text field and a set of methods that retrieve words, validate guessed words and insert them into a list new to old.

The app build is fun, but does raise some interesting questions for me: the UITextChecker library is rather obscure. I wonder how a developer discovers such things for themselves. I have found apple’s developer documentation to be rather poor. It exists, but the community for it and the discoverability of it isn’t great. Hopefully this kind of concern can be averted.