Day 27 Complete

2022-07-24 1 min read

I completed Day 27 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI yesterday, with the distraction of staring at cars all evening stopping me from actually posting about it last night.

The days lesson deals with the building of Project 4 app itself, after all the preperation and learning underaken on Day 26. The app is a simple enough concept: the BetterRest app takes in some data through a Core ML model and then asks the user for some key pieces of information (when you want to wake up, how many hours of sleep do you want, and how many coffees do you take), and then informs you, using machine learning, when you should be going to bed.

Ultimately it was an interesting project and highlighted the DatePicker, the Stepper element and reinforced some existing methods like using the VStack, the NavigationView and just arranging all the elements in a way that results in a good, workable design. I was surprised by the combination of a Form with sub VStacks, each having a Text and DatePicker/Stepper in them. This removed the line that was previously between these elements, grouping them together.