Day 25 Complete

2022-07-21 1 min read

Day 25 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI was a Milestone project day, where there’s a whole bunch of valuable review content to remind me of what we’ve learned so far, and then an app development project where we are challenged to build an app from scratch.

The app was a brain training game where the user was given one of rock/paper/scissors and told to tap either a winning or loosing option in order. The corect answer get’s a point.

I chose a simple text based user interface, using a VStack and HStacks with simple but elegant text options to choose from. I’ve nearly finished the app, the design is complete and the logic is nearly there, but there’s some bugs in the part that decides whether the chosen option was correct or not, so I need to work on that some more tomorrow. Lots of fun though.