Day 24 Complete

2022-07-20 1 min read

Day 24, project 3 part 2 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge, reviews the content learned yesterday and challenges you to update two of the previous apps developed, with new features, and also asks you to create a custom view modifier.

I found the two app challenges easy and needed to refer back to the documentation for the third challenge as I simply couldn’t remember precisely how to create a custom view modifier. But having reviewed the documentation, I found that all the time spent learning the Swift language in the first two weeks of the challenge, was really helpful in recognising and understanding exactly what is going on and how creating custom view modifiers work.

What I think is going really well in this challenge is that I no longer view this as just a set of instructions to achieve an outcome, I’m genuinely learning and understanding why things are the way they are, and that’s a real benefit of doing this challenge every day and blogging about it each day too.