Day 22 Complete

2022-07-18 1 min read

Today I’ve been working through Day 22 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI, project 2 part 3, which deals with the wrap up and review of the Guess The Flag app.

The review includes a nice test, which was a great memory jog and a challenge to add three new features, including one that was more difficult than the others.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to add to the features in the app, and think through how to implement them. I think the thing that got me was that specifying the button and alert was different from triggering it through state. Once I confirmed that my fears of specifying two alerts and buttons after each other was the right thing to do, the rest fell into place around the logic of triggering the alert via a boolean state change.

The great thing about doing the challenge is that, for me anyway, it wasn’t enough to just copy the existing pattern, I needed to think through how to solve the problem myself and increase my understanding and experience.