Day 21 Complete

2022-07-17 1 min read

Day 21, project 2 part 2 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI deals with the actual build of the Guess The Flag app. Which, when you know what you’re doing, takes all of about 10 minutes from blank page to functional usable app.

I spent time working through the process of building the app myself, following along. The final app looks good and has room to be extended by the number of countries/flags and I’m guessing tomorrow we will be asked to create the scoring feature ourselves.

The interesting thing here that needs to be learned more is how to put together the various elements to create a great looking design. In this app, there’s a combination of stacks, foregrounds, backgrounds, gradients, clipshapes, images, spacers and other elements that combine to create a great looking and unique design.

You wouldn’t think of the final product as being a formulaic cookie cutter app, and it’s not, but the Swiftui technology actually makes it seem pretty normal, when you see the codee. It’s not convoluted and complicated, and I think that’s the beauty of Swift and Swiftui.