Day 16 Complete

2022-07-12 1 min read

A great 16th day of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge, and the first day of SwiftUi content in the course.

It’s quite stark how different SwiftUI is from the actual language of Swift. It feels much more like a Domain Specific Language than anything else and I feel like Swift the language was twisted to fit the api and functionality that they wanted. For the most part this is actually great because it makes creating mobile, ipad and desktop applications rediculously easy compared the the pre-existing UIKit.

Looking at the documentation for SwiftUI, it could use a bit of work. Luckily many others have stepped in here to fill the gap. One such resource is A Companion for SwiftUI which does a great job of presenting documentation and examples of the various SwiftUI API elements.

Todays’ lesson introduced some of the first elements in SwiftUI application development as a part of a two part series developing a check splitting application called WeSplit.