Day 12 Complete

2022-07-09 2 min read

Well I finally completed day 12 of the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it completed last night, tiredness and the sheer amount of content to get through got the better of me.

Day 12 deals with classes. It’s big enough that it could probably have been split up into two days worth of content. It teaches:

  • Classes
  • Inheritence
  • Deinitializers
  • Variables vs Constants and
  • includes Checkpoint 7.

Checkpoint 7 was a great exercise in learning to develop classes with inheritence. You have to create a set of classes based around an Animal class at the top and a poodle (dog) or persian(cat) at the bottom. At first calling super was confusing but after small amounts of trial and error I understood how to do it. Further to that I went back and re-did the initializers test to try and solidify my understanding of the concepts and breadth of capability.

While this is the first time I’ve not been able to complete all the days content in one day, I’m still happy that I managed to do some of the content, and then complete it the next day.

Forming a habit that takes up to an hour and fitting that into a busy schedule is challenging in itself. Weekends are easy, but taking time out before or after work to get this done is difficult.