13 December 2012

A Simple Static Site

So Static Site Generators are all the rage, but there’s an alternative to using a static site generator that perhaps you’ve not considered…plain old html/html5 pages created by hand (SURPRISE!!!).

My existing M.G. Web Solutions website used to be a pylons website with a custom build cms, database driven and content managed menu system and even different content types. But do you know how many times I updated that website in the two or so years since I created it? Once. What a bloody waste. All that code, swearing and complexity (and cpu / memory) for a website that just sits there and doesn’t get updated regulary.
After creating CSSConvert in rails for educational purposes (as much as anything), I dumped all the website’s off my VPS (Linode), and rebuilt it. I am now slowly putting the website’s that used to be on it, back on it in a rebuilt form.
This process has given me time to re-evaluate the design and architecture of those websites. My M.G. Web Solutions website was always just a brochure website, incase someone wants to find out what I do and how to contact me. There was an old blog on that site but it never got updated with any frequency. This means that M.G. Web Solutions needs a static brochure website.
So what to do with this new version of M.G. Web Solutions? I’ve decided that it needs to be a static html website. It’s not a blog and doesn’t require categories, or an rss feed or frequent updates, it needs some dynamic javascript and a single page of html/css. The ‘pages’ as they were are just separations of content out into ‘about’, ‘contact’, ‘services’, and ‘projects’. This brochure websie can be achieved in a single page of html with transitions between the ‘pages’ using javascript to show and hide various parts, or just using named links inside the page.
And so this is goig to be the new M.G. Web Solutions. I’ll be launching it again shortly, and I’ll update this page with a link when it’s done.


But my point of this post is this. As Web Developers, we need to think of the best solution to do the job, if you think of yourself as a ‘php’ developer, then php is your hammer and every task will require your php skills. But if you think of yourself as a developer with a large ‘toolset’ that includes php, ruby on rails, and shock horror even just plain old boring html(5)/css then you’ll start to analyse requirements and build solutions that fit the need not fit the solutions to your need to use certain types of technology.
And guess what, html5/css is not boring, there’s a lot of fun minimalistic designs that can be achieved with html/css/js alone. HTML5/CSS3/JS is re-invigorated and re-born.

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