30 December 2012

HABTM and ActiveAdmin Forms

has_and_belongs_to_many (HABTM) and Active Admin Forms

For the last day, i've been trying to get a Many to Many (m2m) relationship to be represented properly in an ActiveAdmin CRUD form.  

ActiveAdmin uses Formtastic to render its forms. So looking for a solution to my problem first meant looking through ActiveAdmins documentation then looking through the Formtastic documentation.

27 December 2012

Creating Ruby on Rails models

I'm actually working on a private project of my own at the moment, and this blog is serving as a means to both remember what I'm learning and share what I'm learning.  I do this in the hope that I will both help others and myself. If there are better or more efficient ways of doing things then I hope that others will share them with me in comments or via email etc.

The app I'm building uses Active Admin, so these basic instructions will include instructions for that.

26 December 2012

My Basic Rails Setup

My Basic Rails Setup, including Rspec, Capybara, ActiveAdmin

My basic Ruby On Rails 3.x template setup includes the following basic packages with their dependencies:

  • Rspec
  • Capybara
  • Growl
  • Cucumber
  • Postgresql

13 December 2012

CSS Converter Goes Live

Introducing my humbe little application, CSS Converter . This is hardly a unique idea or application, but I wanted to build something simple enough and useful enough as a first Ruby on Rails app, while avoiding the cleche’d blog app that I must have done a dozen times in other frameworks.

An Introduction to Static Site Generators

Up to the point where I discovered “Static Site Generators”: I was more willing to develop a website using code and a self made simple content management system than I was to return to the days of hand coding HTML pages with duplicated markup. Its simply too cumbersome to approach all that duplicated HTML code.

Saying goodbye to pylons

For the last six months, i’ve been in a state of flux with regards to website development. Recently the Pylons. web framework stopped being developed and was merged with another web framework Repoze.bfg. to become the Pyramid. web framework. This caused me a bit of bother. I had previously spent a great deal of time learning pylons in order to develop a number of projects that I had coming up. I successfully developed the projects and enjoyed using the framework. No that it was gone, what was I to do? Learn Pyramid? Learn some other python web framework?

A Simple Static Site

So Static Site Generators are all the rage, but there’s an alternative to using a static site generator that perhaps you’ve not considered…plain old html/html5 pages created by hand (SURPRISE!!!).